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Quantum Integrators offer Supply Chain Solutions through Supply Chain Organization - OMP. OMP offers a comprehensive set of tools and technologies designed to help your organization improve overall performance.

We Provide OMP Solutions for

How OMP can be used?

Analyze Current Operations:

  • Assess current operations to understand strengths, weaknesses and inefficiencies.
  • Gather Data and Analyze metrics to identify areas needing improvement.

Identify Areas for Improvement:

  • Pinpoint specific aspects of operations where enhancements can be made.
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities based on impact and alignment with goals.

Develop Processes and Systems:

  • Design and implement new processes, systems, or procedures to address identified issues.
  • Ensure solutions are practical, cost-effective, and aligned with organizational objectives.



Core Planning Advisory:

  • Supply Chain process blueprinting is QI’s main focus, which involves process design, process review, and value tracking.

In order to sustain success, we provide:

  • Health Check
  • Business Re-Alignment
  • Data Driven Analytics
  • Simulation-based studies
  • industry specific advisory studies

Network Design

Network Desing

  • QI shapes strategy using OMP’s supply chain network design.
  • Utilizes strategic modeling for flexible adjustments across the entire supply chain.
  • Quickly generates smart business scenarios through automated simulations.
  • Advanced solvers optimize conflicting business objectives simultaneously, producing actionable scenarios.
  • Employs a powerful calculation model and solvers to optimize both financial and non-financial parameters efficiently.

S & OP

S & OP

Demand Mangement

Demand Management

  • Enhance forecasting precision through collaborative efforts.
  • Improve accuracy with advanced technology, big data, and predictive analysis.
  • Dynamically choose optimal forecasting techniques and utilize big data for enhanced demand sensing.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with an integrated planning model for intuitive views and efficient access management.
  • Emphasize value using advanced intelligence, tracking, and feedback mechanisms.
  • Forecast based on both volume and value, tracking value contribution.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning

  • Enables the creation of feasible plans in dynamic environments using intelligent solvers.
  • Encourages smart collaboration, merging team expertise through integration.
  • Promotes flexible end-to-end visibility for all planners.
  • Facilitates symbiotic man-machine interaction.
  • Emphasizes growing planner efficiency with limitless simulations.
  • Encourages exploration of alternative business scenarios.
  • Uses smart diagnostics to focus on value-adding tasks.

Goal: Facilitate efficient and focused planning.



  • Boost scheduling proficiency by aligning with reality, planning, and execution.
  • Utilize advanced solvers for simultaneous optimization of multiple KPIs and constraints.
  • Ensure seamless integration between planning and scheduling in a unified environment.
  • Adapt flexibly to organizational structures for efficient scheduling.
  • Maintain perfect alignment between scheduling, planning and execution processes.
  • Improve focus with intuitive visualization, customizable Gantt charts, and copilots.
  • Copilots guide focus, enhance insight, and spark creativity in scheduling.

User Mangement

User Management

  • Training and Documentation, User Coaching, and Planner Empowerment.

Data Management & Integration

Data Management & Integration

  • OMP seamlessly integrates with various enterprise systems, business systems, data repositories, visibility systems and iPaaS.
  • Ensures Data Stability with a robust and generic data model.
  • Flexible model generation fills gaps and enhances data quality through advanced feedback.

Advanced Monitoring,
Visualization & Diagnostics

Advanced Monitoring, Visualization
& Diagnostics

  • Quality monitoring with comprehensive data flow traffic control and flaw alerts.
  • Visualize supply chain model and processes at any aggregation level.
  • Take corrective actions based on smart diagnostics.

Implementation: Quantum puts everything together to prepare for your implementation. Fulfilling expectations, 360 Degree coverage and filling the gaps for your implementation strategy.

Solution Set-up

  • Readiness Checks
  • Solution Design and Configuration
  • Testing, Validation & Tuning

Going Live

  • Dry Run
  • Cutover
  • Hyper Care

Solution Set-up

  • Base Solution Fine-Tuning
  • Business Changes Scan and Periodical Alignment
  • Incremental Value-Adding

Why Choose Quantum Integrators for OMP?

  • 50% decrease in the time it takes to fulfill customer orders.
  • 80% decrease in instances of stockouts, indicating improved inventory availability.
  • 50% decrease in lead times for sourcing, production, and delivery resulting from efficient operational planning.
  • 70% decrease in the overall cost-to-serve customers through optimized operational planning.
  • 80% increase in customer service levels achieved by meeting or exceeding customer expectations through improved operational planning.
  • 50% increase in the efficient use of resources, including labor, warehouse space, and transportation with enhanced operational planning.

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