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Position #49 Cybersecurity Analyst

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Multiple Openings:

Seeking qualified Cybersecurity Analyst w/Master’s or foreign equiv degree in CYBERSECURITY or CS & 12 months of work experience To Develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental orunauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergencydata processing needs. Analyze cyber-attack artifacts by collecting, preserving,and filtering forensic evidence. Decipher attack motivations and techniques byconducting deep dives as well as analyzing network packet captures and datalogs through an understanding and use of tools like Splunk, Crowdstrike,Netwitness, Signal Science, Wireshark and conduct expert level malware analysisby leveraging a sandbox to understand TTPs and better finetune tools likecrowdstrike. Protect the computing environment by reducing the probability of,and to minimize the effects of, damage caused by malware, malicious activitiesand security events. Frequent travel to unanticipated client locations may berequired.


Aspiring Candidates Can Mail Resume to:  

HR Manager

Quantum Integrators Group, LLC  

196 Princeton Hightstown Rd, Suite 1B-7

West Windsor, NJ 08550

Job Loc: WestWindsor, NJ 08550

Job Type:
Cybersecurity Analyst
West Windsor, NJ USA
Date Posted:
February 22, 2023

Experience Required:

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