Our client is an American multinational corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods across the world. They pursued inorganic growth strategy that involved several mergers and acquisitions of major biopharmaceutical companies which resulted in multiplication of their operations for business growth, breaking into new markets and inheriting innovative solutions.

As a response to our client’s need for data integration efforts, Quantum performed wide ranging assessments and provided in-depth recommendations including data structure, design, and architecture.


  • Incompatible data
  • Business continuity
  • Confusion or disruption of daily operation
  • Scalability to handle large volume of data
  • Accommodating both process requirements
  • Compliance and regulation


Quantum analyzed and assessed the existing processes and systems from both the organizations and made recommendations to enable better integration of Data between the organizations and identify growth opportunities maximizing the value of this merger. We Fixed historical data issues and created effective process to avoid future data duplications.


  • Defined technology operation model that supports both the business functions.
  • Implemented a formalized process for managing day to day operations.
  • Performed Data profiling and built maps for Metadata and solution architecture for identifying the source and enhancing the data integration process.
  • Data quality assessment against business metrics.
  • Data cleansing to identify detects or inaccurate records and modifying to ensure data is consistent and usable.
  • Gap analysis for what data is available and its quality vs business needs.
  • Data Modeling with staging areas, data warehouse, operational data marts etc.,
  • Implementation of Change management process.
  • Built agile sprint model for continuous delivery and flexibility.
  • Weekly dashboards with KPI’s allowing leadership to quickly understand the status.


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Data integration after a merger or acquisition

Our client is one of the leading global manufacturers of elevators, escalators and moving walks. Our client manufactures, installs, maintains, and modernizes mobility solutions for almost every type of building requirement worldwide.