Social Program Management

Social Program Management – IBM Smarter Care (Cúram)

Cúram Social Program Management Platform is a business and technology solution that delivers prebuilt social program components, business processes, toolsets and interfaces on top of a dynamically configurable architecture. Cúram Social Program Management Platform helps social program organizations provide optimal outcomes for citizens, satisfy increasing demand, and lower costs for organizations.

Quantum Social Program Management Platform Integrations Services Areas of Focus:

Social Program Core Components – out of the box data model, evidence management eligibility capabilities.

  • Configurable End-to-End Business Processes – support the social lifecycle from intake to outcome.
  • Dynamic Programs – deliver pre-built business user configuration tools for rapid configuration of new programs and end-to-end creation.
  • Platform for the Future – ensures the ability to meet delivery demands and to adopt and prototype evolving social programs and service delivery models.
  • Mobile Development Tools – enable developers to build new systems of engagement in a mobile environment.

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