RPA Practice

Quantum RPA Solution:

We successfully implemented follow application automation at our clients:

Desktop Automation:

RPA tools can automate any desktop application regardless of the underlying technology. Desktop recorder allows the RPA tools to record any task on the screen and turns the recording to workflow which can be assigned to the robots for execution.


Web Automation:

Web recorder makes it easy for any RPA tool to automate web based application. Tasks that can be performed using web recorder are Data entry and extraction, form filing, and validations. RPA bot can access all the user interface on the screen just as humans do by recognizing dynamic HTML elements across all browsers.


Citrix Automation:

RPA tools can automate any manual process on the citrix environment. Using citrix recorder automating remote application will be very easy with greater speed, ease and accuracy. Using technology like OCR(Optical Character Recognition) from Google and Microsoft help the RPA bots to sees the screen and interacts with any citrix application just as a person does, detecting objects regardless of changes in screen resolution and layout.


SAP Automation:

RPA tools can automate data entry, and data transfer between SAP and other applications. SAP integration within RPA tool enables easy interaction with SAP objects onscreen, allowing the bot to quickly read data from the screen and manipulate the fields that are required. The benefits of automating SAP applications are eliminating human error, reduce manual-intensive workloads, and improve SAP processing performance.


Excel Automation:

RPA tools can reading and writing data, data extraction and migration, sorting data and deleting duplicate rows, comparing columns, Integrating with other applications and databases, retrieving and creating workbooks and filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets. Using RPA tools to automate excel make it hassle and error free.


Mainframe Automation:

Most of the world’s biggest insurance, healthcare, financial, and communications organizations still use Mainframe because of its efficient data stores and reliable for complex processing of data. RPA tools can automate Mainframe application in data entry and 100 % accuracy in data scraping. Challenges that legacy system faces are increased cost, decreased expertise, low security, and integration and by automating legacy system, all the challenges will be eliminated.


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