Remote Shore Delivery Framework

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. And this means staying on the cutting edge of technology, constantly striving to meeting client expectations & delivering on time and within budget. A key skill for achieving this goal is to deploy our distributed delivery approach.

Our RemoteShore Delivery Framework (RDF) leverages a highly skilled management team, a dedicated team of world-class developers and a state of the art infrastructure to achieve high quality project deliverables. Our highly skilled and trained consultants have over the years perfected the adaptability of the RDF by deploying our design skills onsite combined with a strong development backbone offsite.

Our RemoteShore Delivery Framework strengthens our approach to designing solutions by engaging multi-location teams into a seamlessly integrated cohesive force thereby enabling us to offer the best value to our clients.

Quantum Integrators has developed a robust methodology that allows us to initiate projects in a timely manner and then proceed on a predictable, low risk path for high quality results. This framework employs our rich portfolio of knowledge objects and reusable deliverables to offer cost and time benefits to our customers.

Our experience has shown that there is always an inherent risk with using a distributed delivery model and therefore, to mitigate this risk, we follow proven management and development procedures in project development. Our consultants are capable of performing a qualitative assessment of the design and recommending appropriate solutions based on the specific needs and budgetary constraints of a project. This approach enables management to minimize project risk and maximize project value. Our remote development team complements the management team with timely delivery of high quality objects and rapid response deliverables.
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