Application Support Service

Application Support Service:

When you are running a complex business on a system as comprehensive as SAP, there is a significant need for ongoing upkeep of your environment that includes constant maintenance and management. Historically, support needs of a maintenance nature required companies to hire expensive and difficult-to-find resources. The dynamics of the consulting industry often causes organizations to battle attrition due to the non-challenging nature of this important task. Constant attrition leads to inefficient workarounds and unhappy end-users, resulting in mis-alignment with business needs.

Quantum Integrator’s Application Support Service offering meets this challenge by enabling your organization to tap into our pool of globally disperse SAP experts on a short-term, as-needed basis, with no minimum time commitment required. At the same time, if you are looking for a long term strategic partner to manage and maintain the upkeep of your SAP environment, Quantum Integrators has the right approach to reduce your on-going cost of operations at the same time, maintain internal customer satisfaction.

Our Application Support Services will provide you a custom approach to categorically separate the system improvements changes from the daily maintenance needs. Your business solutions will be separated from application support services by using our specialized application support architecture.

Quantum Integrator’s Application Support Services include:

  • Application Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Back up management
  • Recovery management
  • User support
  • User Authorization monitoring
  • Software debugging
  • Security Audits
  • System health reporting
  • System enhancements

Value Proposition : Our Application Support Services has value based approach. Even in case of production support for existing systems, our support specialists always focus on delivering value to the clients, whether it is functional, technical or system architecture support. Our support team has experience of providing value based support for various industries with focus on following aspects of Application Support :

SLA : Quantum Integrators is always committed to meet or exceed agreed Service level agreement (SLAs) which are clearly defined and agreed with the clients. We drive the culture within Quantum Integrators teams to ensure that we are compliant with SLA terms.

Flexibility : We understand each client has different needs and budgets related to Application Support Service needs. We not only provide proven methods of on-site, off-shore services, but also have great flexibility for the client to provide Application service as “A la carte”, so that clients can choose how they want to maximize their returns on investment in support service.

Subject Matter Experts : We have very good pool of highly experienced consultants working in Application Support team as well as in implementation and Project team. We ensure that expertise of all our team is collectively made available to everyone within our team, which ensure very high quality support to the clients.

Quality : We are dedicated to provide high quality service and have dedicated team of consultants for Application Support as per SLAs. Quantum Integrators management team closely monitors and controls the quality of support provided and timeliness of Application Services provided to our clients.

Quantum Integrator’s Application Support Services can deliver to your organization just as needed services to optimize your service cost.

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